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Request for adding new function


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Sorry for being so later on the ball here in the forums, there's a couple of things that would make it really stand out for me! Here come the unreasonably high programming demands


First of all - LFO Assign every parameter possible


Some more traditional sampler functions - digging that DNA is awesome but having the ability to manipulate samples like chop them up and maybe even "dive into the chops" i.e. select one of the chops and spread out chromatically across the keyboard, set loop points etc. With this possibility you could also have multiple oneshot samples in one of the three files.


Dream: Is multi-timbral even technically possible?


SID-chip emulation engine type


For future revisions of the hardware - taller and squishier keybed, maybe in the direction of the later Elektron product line.


Also very much looking forward to the sequencer! That will be a game changer. Thanks for the honors. HAI


I'm sorry. I'm delay..


Although this problem depends on the tone & big volume, it is a problem caused by speaker specs, so we will not take measures.


Of course there is no problem with LINE OUT or headphones.


from Cuckoo san


If every FM operator had an extra page with the following, it would make it possible to make the FM sounds become a bit more organic:


1. LFO’s: Sine, Half Sine positive Once, Half Sine negative Once, Triangle Positive, Triangle Negative, Saw Falling, Saw Falling Once, Saw Rising, Saw Rising Once, Log falling once

2. LFO speed

3. LFO Pitch depth (to make crazy stuff)

4. LFO FM depth



Hi SynthJam here.


In the few hours i've had a demo unit heres my initial thoughts,


Needs a multitrack sequencer, even if its just a 4 track 16 beat one initially and a more fully fledged one at a later date, this machine could be in competition with the OP1, especially at the price point ( lets not go there !!! )


I can't seem to route the LFO to go anywhere other than pitch ... some other destinations would be great (filter for starters)


Sounds fantastic though !!!


A few points for maybe a future product (as these are hardware changes) Don't like the power button ... needs to be bigger and a latch type. Also a rubber keyed with MPE would be amazing ... think Roli meets OP1 .... mmmmhhhh


Anyway looking forward to working with you guys.


Andy AKA SynthJam






Will Aux In for the Fx , permit a live in to use the onboard fx, to incorporate other gear, or even another ELZ-1 , for live performance, with resampling through the ELZ-1. Plus I hope the FX libary will grow with additional effects, just like the future synth engines. www.instagram.com/pongtrometer


request from user


1 Tap function can also record the rhythm of the arpeggiation.

2 Keyboard can transpose the entire held arpeggiation.

3 Held arpeggiation loop: tap 1 loop start point tap 2 loop end point tap 3 release loop

4 A quantised stepped pitch bend that the range can be set and the speed at clock devisions or multiples of the arpeggiation speed.

5 Playful filter animation eyes get angry looking when Q and pre gain are turned up, eyes direction looks left or right depending if you opening

or closing the filter cutoff.


Can there please be more LFO destinations in terms of the engines that only offer control over Pitch?


Can we get a sub oscillator for all synth engines? It would be nice to have in order to beef up sounds.


Supersaw (at least 7 saw oscillators, adjustable tuning and possibly pan spread)?


Just got mine, love it, such unique possibilities! I would love a way of using buttons to add pitch bend and modulation. Since there are no extra buttons, maybe some could be repurposed in a special mode? Also as someone else said, more routing options for LFO and envelope please. For example, I would love to control delay time and other effect parameters in new ways.


More ideas: It would be great to have the preset name stay on the screen somewhere, instead of disappearing soon after you select it. Also, how about a 3 band EQ, or even a multiband compressor? In patches with overdrive/distortion, the high notes are much louder than the low notes, and it would be great to have a way to balance them.


A very basic and easy addition -- ability to transpose, by smaller amounts than the full octave buttons. Perhaps there could be a shift+octave to go up and down by single notes? I'm writing pieces that use the full range of the mini-keyboard, and it would be great to transpose them by a whole step, etc. A more complicated request related to this is micro tunings. They are becoming more and more popular, and the unusual sounds of the ELZ1 would be well suited to them!

Request to keep patch name (continuously) displayed on screen. Thank you! :)

Could it be possible to layer the different synthesizers in the future?


The ELZ-1 is such a pleasure to play and create sounds. I really can’t tell you how much I love this synth.


If I may provide some feedback/requests.


I am really enjoying the new sequencer. Is there any way to add an accent on the 1 for the metronome. I love the visual feedback seeing my position in the sequence, but would just like that audible accent as well.


Also, future request, I think it would be so cool to be able to use multiple presets with the sequencer. Or at least the ability to sequence one preset, and switch to another to play over that with the remaining amount of voices.


Thank you so much for your amazing work Dr. Endo!

I hear that the battery life is one hour. Is it possible to add a power reserve feature or a monochrome display mode to conserve battery life?


This synth has quick direct interface. Great ! Sketching melodies with it. Some related suggestions:


- ability to export notes (patterns): Add midi out and make pattern file format public

- at least 128 steps per pattern

- or record over a chain of patterns. This requires some additional concepts, e.g. tying notes at end and start of patterns (not cutting notes).

- non-quantized recording: Add a delay value (0..127) per note, which denotes position beteween its step and next step (e.g. renoise does it that way). Or probably some other kind of microsteps.

- probably sacrilegious, but if there was kind of soundfont support (even somewhat limited), this would add lots of possibilities. Sometimes you want to make or test a melody with a neutral instrument, e.g. a piano.

- maybe two parallel tracks in sequencer and a two voice timbrality ?


Hi! Picked up my ELZ_1 yesterday, and it's such a great synth! Like it has been mentioned in an above post, I'd love to see more routing options for the LFO and Envelope. Additionally, and I'm not sure if it's even possible, I'd love to be able to import some samples into it, and treat it like an old school sampler, with different samples spread across the keyboard! I'd love to hear how a small set of drum samples will sound through the sound engine of the ELZ_1. Thanks for your hard work, Dr. Endo


Dr.Endo, thank you so much for such an amazing synth. This is one of those products that just inspires you to play and create new and unique sounds and I love it. I would like to make one suggestion though, please consider adding more WAV file slots for the sigrinder, 3 slots is just a bit limiting for me personally. Also as pointed out in magpie's review the knobs are really a bit too small and mine keep falling off, I will probably 3D print something for them but just a suggestion to maybe make them a tiny bit bigger.


Thank you for you hard work on the synth! Here are my thoughts on what could be considered to add in the future. It would be nice to have two modulators per engine, so, for example, I could use the FM wavetable engine with one LFO on FM amount and another at a different speed on detune so I could get a lot of movement in the sound (though maybe I can get the same feeling using chorus, vibrato, tremolo more). I thought it would also be cool to have some controls for the wavetable morphing synth that control the morph. We have speed, but perhaps morph-smoothness, morph-curve, morph-width could all be interesting. Smoothing out the filter when you manually move it would be nice. A pitch effect would be cool, or maybe shimmer reverb. Individual envelope controls for the oscillators in the FM synth would allow us to recreate the old sega genesis sounds. When I am getting clipping, I wish I knew where it was happening. If we could have feedback coming from the lights on the control, like some blinking on the filter light to tell us the sound was clipping there, it would be helpful. Those are my thoughts for now. Thank you again!

  • I really enjoy playing the ELZ-1's keyboard. The keys have a satisfying feel to them and are well designed. One feature that I think would improve the playing experience would be the ability to map different scales along the "white key" buttons to make playing the correct notes easier (similar to what Korg does with their Gadget app and Electribe instruments). This feature could be used in conjunction with the sequencer to create satisfying pieces of music more quickly and more easily. It would also aid in live and improvisational scenarios, or just jamming with friends! To me this concept sounds like a natural fit for the ELZ-1.
  • spring is here! when will this be released and how can we preorder
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