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spring is here! when will this be released and how can we preorder


Really sorry. .


I am currently acting for mass production.

Also, we are trying to decide which distributors will sell ELZ_1.


After I decide the distributor, they will announce the release time and selling price in their country.


So please wait a little more.

By the way, where is your country?


California, USA


I already found an American distributor.

I am advancing a meeting with an American distributor.

Once they decide the retailer of ELZ_1 in the USA, I will announce them in the newsletter.


is this ready? May i purchase one from u?


I''m sorry for my late reply. thanks for your interest! until now it isn't ready. now we are developing yet.


Really interested in this keyboard. Is it in stock somewhere now? I'm in North Carolina, US. Thanks!


Many thanks for your interest! until now it isn't ready. now we are developing yet.

I'll post new information in this forum or twitter or Instagram. Please continue checking. thanks!!

  • I really enjoy playing the ELZ-1's keyboard. The keys have a satisfying feel to them and are well designed. One feature that I think would improve the playing experience would be the ability to map different scales along the "white key" buttons to make playing the correct notes easier (similar to what Korg does with their Gadget app and Electribe instruments). This feature could be used in conjunction with the sequencer to create satisfying pieces of music more quickly and more easily. It would also aid in live and improvisational scenarios, or just jamming with friends! To me this concept sounds like a natural fit for the ELZ-1.
  • Please write a little question or chat on this thread. See the FAQ before asking questions.
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